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Traveling Around Luna!

45 days to better health!

Traveling Across Luna
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Traveling around Luna together, mile by mile!
Welcome to Roving Lunatics, where we all pledge to walk, run, swim, bike, and otherwise push ourselves around Luna, Earth's only moon!

The length in miles around the world is 6,790 miles! Getting around Luna in 45 days will take approximately 150 miles every day!

This has to be a group effort, because none of us can do this alone. If you have any contribution, no matter how small, share it! It's the little things that add up; we are nothing without each other, so let's make these 45 days count toward better health!

The community is aimed to provide extra motivation to help us all work toward a healthier lifestyle. All posts are welcome, provided that they are on topic (concerning weight loss, nutrition, fitness victories, etc). We request that if there is more than one image in a post, that it is placed under an LJ-cut.

PLEASE NOTE: To cut down on confusion, each traveler will need to log their miles on official posts in order to be counted. Do not make your own post listing your miles, look for the latest entry titled "Day XX Mileage". Mileage posted outside of the official posts will not be counted - you can give the number IN your post, but if you do not also put them in the mileage count, they will not go toward our daily accomplishment. To stay with the theme of extra motivation, mileage posts will be made each day. Each mileage post is tagged "mileage," so follow the tag to find the most recent one. They will only be closed to new comments once the new one is opened, so there will ALWAYS be a place to comment, even if there has not been a mileage post for the day you are able to check in. Just go to the most recent one!

150 miles is a lot, but with each other, we will be able to make it. Let's go!

The challenge will last from Sept 1st, 2007, to October 15th, 2007.

You can join our journey at ANY time. When you join, put your miles since Sept 1st on the most recent mileage post. Please do not add any miles prior to this date, they won't be counted!

Feel free to make an introduction once you join in. :)


10 Minutes of low impact aerobics = 1/2 Mile
10 Minutes of high impact aerobics = 1 Mile
30 Minutes on the Curves circuit = 1 Mile
30 Minutes of strength training = 1 Mile
15 Minutes of (actively) playing a high impact sport (such as soccer or football) - 1 Mile

THE MODS/days they should be posting:

Saturday: iftherebethorns
Sunday: iftherebethorns
Monday: walkstrong
Tuesday: yoippari
Wednesday: walkstrong
Thursday: yoippari
Friday: walkstrong